SCHOOL'S ADDRESS33 Uloho Avenue,
Delta State,


Who We Are

About Us

Diamond Hills Montessori School is a warm and welcoming place where children feel loved, cared and are comfortable enough to take risks and being able to learn at their own pace.

We adopt the Universal Basic Education (UBE) and the British Curriculum for both the Nursery and Primary classes to maximize learning potential. The Nigeria Curriculum proffers a range of topics for each stage; we teach these topics using UK based learning materials.

The school adopts the concept that specifies the expected academic proficiency of children from early years (2-5) to key stage (6-10 years) on ward.

As a school, our focus is on the children treating them as individual and allows them to develop skills to cope with the dynamic world around them.

We are keen on building our pupils confidence and skills so that they become successful learners.

We look to develop the total child and pride ourselves on the fact that we see each child as unique, with their own strength and personality. Behaving that no child is actually dull and we will help our learners reach their potential.

We are a team of highly qualified, passionate, committed and experienced personnel who are well versed in providing outstanding learning opportunities, care and support that will bring out children’s potentials.

We enjoy involving parents and the wider community in the life of the school, ensuring the links between the school and home are strong to support our pupils learning.


Commitment to children, families and the community.

Making decisions and committing resources to attain each pupils success.

Seeking out and connecting with families and the community.

Respectful and caring relationships.

Establishing positive relationships based on trust and respect.

Using our schools vision to guide intention, motives and actions.

Maintaining the highest standards of behavior, ethics, fairness and honesty with our selves and others.

It is based on the child – how he or she thinks, learns and communicates. It is concerned with helping children ask questions, seeks answers and solve problems. It is a broad curriculum planned to suit the needs of individual child.

Our curriculum reflects the new direction in education and advancement in global development. This is our definition of a fully Integrated International Curriculum.

Education is a lifelong process and continuous improvement is a value we model and instill in our pupils.

Educational excellence is a collaborative process and is a shared responsibility of the pupil, the family and the teachers.

Educational experience should enable pupils to become effective communicators, independent learners, motivators.

Our learning community fosters respect and understanding for every pupil.

Our learning community promote responsible citizenship.

Recruiting and retaining a high quality staff is vital to achieving our mission.